Partner Consultation

Thanks so very much for everything you have done for our family. Robin, Mary and I thank you for all of many ways you have helped us in bringing Leo into our home. The food, the support, and the expertise were so welcomed and the picture documentation is so amazing. Thank You!  - Matt H.
The awe with which you looked into Amanda’s eyes, saw her and remained with her in those beautiful but difficult moments will be a part of my memories of my experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.” - Josh D.

When Yael, my oldest daughter, was born it was more than evident to both Jake & I that he too needed support, encouragement, and resources just as much as I in our new season of parenthood. Sadly, the availability of such was, and still is, extremely rare and difficult to come by.

Over the last year and a half many clients and their partners have continually expressed a need for time to discuss tips and suggestions of ways in which the support partner can guide, encourage, and be fully present with the birthing mom, not only through the birth itself but in the immediate postpartum season as well.                                                                

Therefore, I am now offering one hour partner consultations for $30. These one hour sessions will provide the following:

  • Time for the partner to come work through questions he/she wants to process through, thoughts he/she is working through, and struggles he/she is having.
  • Receive professional suggestions and support, encouragement and resources as to how to be more fully present during the birth of their partner.
  • Obtain professional recommendations on how to best support their partner as she feeds their newest family member.
  • Provide educational resources on a variety of topics related to pregnancy, newborn care, and caring for the recovering mother.

Really, this specialized consultation is a win win for the entire family. The more that partners are educated and offered accessible ways in which he/she can better support their partner, the better the dynamics during birth, the more intentional he/she can be in the often trying postpartum season and overall, the more supported the entire family can feel.