birth support

  • Available 24 hours for on-call support from two weeks before through two weeks after your estimated birth date. 
  • Support through various childbirth education methods and comfort measures, I will meet with you when you are in labor and help you know the right time to make important decisions.

Postpartum  Care

  • As your Postpartum Doula I can help you put systems in place that support your parenting philosophies on feeding, sleeping, nurturing and more.
  • I will support you on your breastfeeding journey whether it is exclusive or combination feeding that resonates best for you.

partner  consultation

  • During this exclusive consultation I offer the birthing woman's partner suggestions on how to support their partner during the childbearing year. Together we will work through questions they may have, thoughts you're working through, struggles you may be having and receive professional suggestions and support, encouragement and resources.

"My oh my yes! Jess was wonderful! The most beneficial aspect of having Jess was having someone who's been there before, who knows what birth is like, who has seen many other women give birth, and who offered amazing assistance in encouraging us and working with us through a natural labor. Labor is work--that's why they call it labor! And having Jess made that work easier."  - Amanda N.