On My Bookshelves

You can count on this: if you invite me into your home, I'm going to browse your bookshelves.

Despite my interest in what books connect with you, interest you, bring you joy - More often than not, I'm always looking for common ground, delighted to see a book I love or that I've wanted to read sitting on your shelf. At times I peek at a book I dropped 40 pages in because it just didn't interest me in and, contingent upon how close we are, I may even tell you how much I disliked it and why.

These reasons and more are why I often find myself gazing at our two seven foot bookselves bolted against the West wall of our dining room. Our living room couch faces them directly coming from the East and as I sit and sip my morning coffee I often wonder, "What books do I need to hide for company coming tonight?", "What will they think of my addiction and grief book collection?", "Let's hope they don't see my crafty book collection and actually think I craft."

As Henry Ward Beecher shares, “Books are the windows through which the soul looks out.” 

Books speak volumes of where you have been, what interests you now and where you want to be. They speak to imagination, hopes, a rabbit hole to stories not yet told.

One of my most favorites services offered to my clients is opening up my lending library catalog and walking them through books of possible interest. Listening to the anticipation in their voice and directing them to a thoughtful book to match, inform, inspire. What better gift than to be offered a book that connects and properly informs during such a season as this?

Take a look! Any titles offered share a sliver of your birth story in this season? Do you have a favorite birth related book that's not offered and deeply connected with you? Would love to hear your thoughts and personal stories in comments.