Community Doula Sponsorship

"Jess, you are so intentional with our mothers - your sweet support of food, time, clothes, texts, kindness, etc, truly changed the course." - Joni Cook, LBSW;  Social Work Case Manager maternal health program, Cherry Street Health Services

When I began offering both birth & postpartum doula services it was always with the intention of specifically serving teenage moms. Young girls who were both becoming mothers as well as looking to increase their support network during this season of significant transition and turmoil, uncertainity and instability.

Being present for, and available with, young moms is where my heart beats. As a vocational social worker, my passion rests in supporting this specific population. I believe it is vital to both our communities and families that young moms, and their families, receive excellent support, education, and resources we all need in order to build strong bonds with their child.

Sadly, far too many young moms in the Grand Rapids area are in hopes of wanting the support of a doula with far too few actually receiving such support due to a lack of community resources. 

Therefore, I will now be offering a doula sponsorship program. It is my hope that as young moms are sponsored (at a significantly discounted rate of $450) to receive doula support services: 

  • Community relationships will develop 
  • Prenatal support will increase
  • Parenting skills and knowledge will increase
  • Better birth outcomes will occur
  • Stronger ties between mother and child will grow
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica for over three years as a mentor in Sisters in Support, our agency's mentoring program for young moms. Over this time period Jessica has worked with each of her clients with grace. She is able to recognize a client's gifts and build on those. She is also able to provide modeling and education based on the client's needs. During Jessica's time in this program, I have found her to be patient, responsible, resilient, and compassionate." - Stephanie Sheler, Social Worker with Sisters in Support

Interested in sponsoring doula services for a young mom?

What you can expect:

  • Each young mom sponsored will receive services outlined in Birth Support
  • As a sponsor, you will receive an outline of when services were rendered.
  • You will receive a snapshot of the mother you sponsored with her newest little one.
  • You will also receive a letter of gratitude & acknowledgement, as well as a receipt for donation.

Giving birth and being supported and cared for by our community is at the heart of becoming a mother and caring for our children well, isn't it? So let's do it together and make a small dent of love and care in the world.

Have further questions or would like to talk further about what this may look like for you to sponsor a doula for a teen mom? Please fill out the form below and I'll look forward to connecting soon!